7 Benefits of Expense Management Software for Small Business

Our Departments feature lets you create multiple budgets for each department or function in your company. Assign members and allocate budget via our Bill Pay feature and corporate cards. Not every employee possesses the same technical prowess so being considerate here would be beneficial in the long run. Lastly, any new system needs time and patience to be implemented by the company and adopted by its employees.

The main benefit from utilizing expense management software is the automation of any custom expense approval workflows, no matter how complex. This makes it easy for managers and Finance teams to tweak/change processes and expense policies as and when necessary. Additionally, once the claims are approved and reimbursed, all expense report data is stored in a secure and unified cloud. This makes it easy for Finance teams to maintain accurate records and access them instantly. No matter what industry you’re in, businesses should always be looking for ways to save time, and make processes more efficient.

Benefits of an Efficient Employee Expense Management System

Traditional approaches to managing expenses were paper-intensive and often involved filing paper reports with reams of attached receipts. Accountants and managers within the company often used shared spreadsheets to review, track, and monitor submissions. The result was paper overload, long delays, and policy compliance errors. When it comes to protecting your company’s financial assets and making better financial decisions to help you take your business to the next level, automated expense reporting can be a powerful tool. Traditionally, the finance & auditing teams manually tally expense claims with the receipt submitted. They then conduct audits by randomly sampling the expense report based on high-level rules and checking for discrepancies.

In short, this administrative work will probably lead to limited insight. Some features to look for in expense management software include robust customer support and a user-friendly dashboard with views for employees, approvers, and administrators. It should be able to integrate with APIs, ERP systems, and accounting software. An expense reporting tool helps you to check in on project costs from wherever you are.

Benefits of expense management software

As technology rapidly advances, so does the number of expense management apps out there. So, we know how challenging and daunting it can be to pick the right app for your business or client. To alleviate this issue, we’ve generated a list of some of the most important features that you should look out for in your expense management apps. Additionally, if any policy violation or error is recorded, employers and the employees are notified together, smoothing the path for communication because everything is documented and easily accessible. SentricHRis an all-in-one HRIS that combines expense management with your HR and payroll needs. With our mobile app, robust dashboards, seamless reimbursements, and more, you can streamline expense management for you and your employees no matter where you are.

Key Questions to Consider Before Selecting an HR Software Solution?

As the workers as scattered, it can become daunting to gain granular insight into expenses being incurred. Both onshore and office employees should maintain connectivity and collaboration. An expense system empowers office employees to monitor every expense even when they are working from different places. All companies and their HR managers must determine whether their HRIS is to be used primarily for the following purposes the collection, analysis, interpretation or disclosure… Perhaps part of this motivation comes from their true passion for what your company has to offer.

Benefits of expense management software

Expense management softwareautomates the expense reporting and reimbursement processes. This software makes it easier for managers and employees alike to submit, track, and manage expenses. Expense management software can exist as a stand-alone product or as part of anall-in-one HRIS.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Manual Expense Management Process?

Receipts are sorted and instantly archived, but they can also be exported to integrated solutions like QuickBooks, Excel, Xero, and other solutions. Shoeboxed also helps maximize tax deductions during tax season and ensures you or your client’s business is audited. Expensify also offers pay-per-use plans and individual/self-employed plans as well. Expensify is one of the best overall expense tracker and management apps a business can use.

Benefits of expense management software

There are a number of benefits when it comes to expense management automation. This real-time and improved visibility of expenses allows organizations to oversee their business expenses and purchases in real-time, and also creates accountability. Expense management automation will not only save you time but also improve your business’ productivity and efficiency in the long run.

Automatic data extraction

While members can put in requests for approvals, only administrators can create multi-level approvals. You can also appoint members as approvers but a member cannot be the sole approver of their own requests. Your employees never have to wait for months to get compensated for out-of-pocket expenses. You can assign different reimbursement roles such as admin, accountant, and members and set approval workflows. Your employees receive their reimbursements directly in their registered bank accounts. You can pay them either instantly or schedule them for month-end payments.

When most companies lose5% of their annual revenueto fraud, expense reporting software can help you eliminate another unnecessary cost. Expense management is just one of the many essential financial processes that organizations are choosing to automate for increased operational efficiency. Expense management software streamlines reimbursements and maintains accurate records for tax purposes, regulatory compliance, and better control over day-to-day spending. The expense management process electronically captures invoices, matches documents, and then screens, reviews, approves, tracks, and reimburses employee expenses. Most expense policy violations happen because employees do not understand the policy. Although it seems like just a footnote in your accounting process, a formal, documented expense policy gives your employees clear guidance for business expenses.



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Manage all your SaaS spends and avoid duplicate SaaS costs across departments and functions. All approved claims get reimbursed immediately or are scheduled to be paid at a later date directly to the employee’s bank account. Consider it with the current cost of customer support, upgrades and software license renewals. Encouraging employees to help save money connecting the dots between frugality and the ability to invest in growth. Once the receipts are recorded in the card platform, the employee doesn’t have to keep them with himself.

Benefits of expense management software

Create approval workflow up to 5 levels and receive real-time request updates through our push notifications feature. Choosing a financial tech stack for your business is a crucial decision, therefore be 100% sure that the software you’ve chosen can seamlessly integrate itself into your existing processes. If you want expense management software that is simple, scalable, and streamlined, then Volopay is the right choice for your business.

Consider any overheads related to buying and installing software (i.e. new smartphones for receipt capture) as well as the monthly subscription cost. An online wizard makes implementation quick and simple, with the option of some phone support as needed. Since the time to implement will not place a huge burden on your IT or Operations team, they can get back to their job responsibilities.

For example, employees may make data-entry mistakes while processing expenses manually. Expense management software can pull data directly from bank accounts and credit card transactions. It can also detect errors and duplicate entries and alert you if a report or payment is late. The old way of submitting expenses involved printing paper copies, attaching receipts and passing reports to managers, who would then either approve them or kick them back to the employee for adjustment. Once the employee hits “submit,” the report is automatically routed to the appropriate person for approval. After approval, the amount to be reimbursed can be automatically submitted to payroll.

  • After that, the employee must submit the reimbursement request to the manager in order to get the payment approved.
  • Luckily, the benefits it provides often make it well worth the initial investment, regardless of whether you choose stand-alone software or an all-in-one HRIS.
  • TripActions is an all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management platform.
  • Say goodbye to the painful burden of storing month-old receipts for reimbursement.
  • Abacus drafts expenses from receipts, card transactions, previous behavior/actions, CRM fields, and geolocation—which ensures your records are thorough and error-free.
  • Expense tracker apps sync to your credit cards (whether personal cards, charge cards, corporate/business cards, etc.) and bank accounts and categorize your expenses.

We also offers to spend analysis and insights to reduce any payment delays and even surfaces early payment discounts to the vendors on its own. The old method of collecting expenses included printing copies of the paper, attaching receipts, and sending reports to managers who approved them or brought them back to the employee for adjustment. But now, the process has become simple and fast with automated expense management software. When you are making expenses on so many different levels, the security of the company’s money can become critical. It is crucial to go for an automated expense management solution that offers full-fledged real-time security for your expense management processes. No one’s time gets wasted when there are easy-to-use expense management processes.

Why automate expense management?

Spend analysis is a major part of expense management for small business. A small business needs to keep track of its cash flow, cost leakages, etc., to make better use of its revenue. However, you cannot get the insights to optimize the expense process by handling expenses manually. This last-minute filing of expense claims increases the finance team’s burden tremendously. Automate rule-based tasks so your team can focus on better decision makingWhile some businesses are actively digitizing their finance processes, some of them are yet to start their digitalization journey.

Expense management tools help businesses streamline an otherwise time-consuming process, benefiting employees and your bottom line. When choosing an automated solution, look for a tool that has flexibility. It must be adaptable and customizable according to your company’s demands and requirements. Some solutions allow you to design and customize your own cards and set boundaries. Automated expense management allows you to track purchases at the organization in real-time. You can either have an eye on the entire organization’s expense or an individual employee.

Now, claims and expenses get reported promptly, and duplicates get detected immediately. When you opt to use a cloud based expense management software, you’ll reap the benefits of the best cyber security. Plus, when employees How To Choose The Best Expense Management Software can input information from anywhere, there’s less room for lost paperwork and sending sensitive information through email, amongst other things. Still not sure if expense reporting software is necessary for your business?

While one company may require a specific use out of an application, it is not at all necessary for you to want or need it for that use case. Therefore, be mindful of your needs versus what is available https://globalcloudteam.com/ and choose that which fits your goals, not that which is popular. A cloud-based Expense Management Software will change the way your employees think and treat their business expenses.

Experience how one single solution can improve accountability, accuracy and efficiency. Uncat syncs uncategorized transactions from QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and Xero, automatically notifying your client when there are transactions that need answers and attention. Shoeboxed offers different pricing plans to fit your needs that vary depending on whether you pay monthly or annually. One of the most notable elements of Divvy’s service is that it is free, regardless of your firm or business’s size.

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